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Shirley Carr
Name Shirley Carr
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Hobbies Watch tv reading like to spend time with grandkids
About Me Spent time wth grandkids go out an eat , we dont do a lot with him not real sure onhis feel .
Shirley Carr
Watch 'Bully' Trailer and Sign the Petition
215 days ago

I would just love to win I always watch people win an wish I could but no I can never get to those placess .I'm 65 my husband 69 he has now been in remission for 2 years for coloc cancar that doctor can out of the opertoering room an told me he had 4 to 6 month to live an he when from 200 bl to 130 an I told them we been 45 years an he not going any where an he still with me .so it would be so great to jyst win somthing not all of them just somthing you are just so great .thank you shirley carrs