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Shirley Cheong W T
Name Shirley Cheong W T
Location Singapore, Singapore
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Hobbies Reading, Horse riding, Gardening, Jigsaw Puzzles, Shopping and creating single meals.
About Me Love to laugh and make others happy! I'm 53 and just got laid off from my secretarial position. Looking out for a better opportunity and a less stressful job. Truthfulness counts high on my list of must haves.
Shirley Cheong W T
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Garth Brooks!
199 days ago

Hi Ellen, it's been great watching your show from sunny Singapore though it's a couple of weeks late. I get to watch it cos I'm currently unemployed (4 mths n still looking). It's never easy being over 50...sigh!
Just wanted to let you know you are hilarious and I wish my niece Muriel could get to watch your show being that she is in LA, but with her work schedule n 2 kids taking up her time, she's always on-the-go or having her much needed nap! She could do with a pleasant surprise!
I told her about your "I'm gonna make you dance" CD and she bought it for me! She's also going to get me the Garth Brooks CD - hurray! He's a great singer and has a lovely soothing voice.
Thanks for being you and making people lives worth living with your straight face banter and BIG heart...happiness to you always!
Cheers! CWT (that's my initials just in case you're wondering) - heh!