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About Me I'm a Relationship Expert/Speaker/Author. My advice is based on interviews with hundreds of couples happily married 50-plus years. No psychobabble.
Sheryl Kurland
Bethenny Discusses Her Divorce
565 days ago

It takes two to tango, and sometimes four or six (in-laws of one or both spouses). Having been married 23 years, I can attest that marriages go through unfathomable difficulties and challenges, and in today's society, where divorce is so easily accepted, many couples give up too soon. Did Bethenny and Jason? I'm not one to say, but I think alot of couples saw themselves in this couple, and it certainly doesn't give them hope that they can work through their issues...Several years later of dating around and "new" difficulties that that brings, the two who divorced sometimes look back and say "we could have worked things out if we had tried harder." Beware: All the baggage from the marriage will be forwarded into future relationships. So I hope that instead of blaming each other, all the parties involved do self-examination and learn some lessons.
Sheryl Kurland
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