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sherry snyder
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Hi Ellen, I love your show I watch you help so many people who are in need.I felt I was help people by donating to the red cross but then November 21st came around the mobile home we bought my daughter and 2 grandsons to live in burnt and red cross would not help her with anything because her power and gas had been shut off they said it was unoccupied even though everything her and my grandsons owned was in it.we didn't have no insurance because me and my husband have a hard time with the bills we have to pay we just couldnt scrape up the money to pay for it. I just thoght I would tell you I am glad there is still people out there helping people in need even though they say if you do good it will come back to you andI can't say I beleve it anymore do to being let down in my daughters and grandsons time of need. we love you ellen