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Sherry Schneidewent
Name Sherry Schneidewent
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Hobbies Fishing, making jewelry, walking my dog Mitsy Sue. Taking drives to see my relatives.
About Me I used to be very athletic and a very hard worker. I was a go getter! I loved life and still do. I enjoy watching Ellen. She lifts my spirits sense I have been disabled as of 2003. I have a disease called bleeding ulcerative Cohlitis. I had surgery to remove my large intestine. I also had pre-servical cancer, so I had a historectomy. Sense then, I have necrosis,bursitis and fibromyalgia. I have two disks with two nerves nearly pinched off. I had intesinal blockages sense my first surgery and had several hospitalizations due to the blockages and 4 take downs of the scard tissue. I can't eat normal food, only soft food. I can't go out to eat, if I do, I end up in the hospital. If I lift something more than 15 pounds, I get twisted up inside. I have my faith and two wonderful sons. Nick who is older understands my illnesses. Jake does not. I have to travel to the Mayo Clinic alot. My son Nick moved back home. He could not aford to live on his own. I let him use my car all the time for work. I go without, because I am a softy. I teach Sunday School once a month and I love it. Jake is leaving for the Marines in June. I do have a boyfriend Scott. He is all heart, but he to has a bad heart. I am divorced and get no child support. I love my sons and I wish I could do something special with them before the scard tissue takes my life. I am in pain almost every day. My dear sister moved to Gillet Whyoming. I miss her so much along with my two year old niece. I have not had a vacation or been anywhere for 15 years. I had one trip in my life and that was to see Mt. Rushmore. I grew up on a farm and I love animals. I was bullied all my life by kids in school, my sister and then my ex husband. Scott treats me well. He also has sleep apnea, a pace maker and defibulator. I do not see my dad. I was a daddy's girl. I helped him with everything. I was his tom girl!. He has had a few strokes and had a major surgery on his brain. He had a cist the size of his fist in his head. His short term memory is gone. I have not sceen him in a few years. Scott picked my car out for me. It is a 2006 pontiac. I don't complaine, I just pay for it. It is not very comfortable and I could go with out a sports car. I grew up with out nothing in my life, so I do not complain much. I am greatful for what I do have. My car has alot of miles on it. I go through tires quickly and they are exspensive. I loved climbing trees when I was a younster and swimming in the river. I would take a willow stick and put fishing line on it and use chicken fat as bait and I caught alot of fish. I did go to college and graduated in 2007 as a Medical Coding Specialist. I was hoping for a cure for these intstinal blockages and scard tissue that grows so fast. It all started with my 1st. surgery. My life is a challenge. My bills are huge and my disability checks will go way down when Jake goes into the Marines. I am worried I won't be able to pay for my bills. I was told by two top specialist at Mayo in Rochester MN that I would not live long due to the rate of the scard tissu that is growing inside of me. Ellen, thank you for helping people and giving them hope. You bless others and I know God will bless you ten times fold!