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Sherry Pitts
Name Sherry Pitts
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Hobbies Fishing, Darts, Reading, Beach-combing, Horseback Riding, Travelling
About Me I am a single woman who has been a single parent since my two daughters were 5 & 7. My girls are now beautiful, loving women of 21 & 24. I am a Registered Nurse who has had some health issues related to my back & my brain so am unable to work at this time, but the New Year looks promising for returning to the profession that I love. My parents are still alive & kicking & provide wonderful support to my immediate family & to my two brothers & their families. This psst year, while off work, I have had the opportunity to spend more time with my Mom travelling & helping her around the house. I have also been able to spend more time with my Dad fishing. (He does not care to fly) We have a friendly competition to see who catches the larger salmon or the most salmon. Great fun. I enjoy spending time with my daughters, getting to know them better as they grow. My daughters are also very close friends now, although while growing up I thought they might not. My family is important to me and I wouldn't be who I am without their love & support.
Sherry Pitts
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582 days ago

Good Morning Ellen,
I watch you every day on my computer, although it is one day delayed. (I have chosen not to subscribe to a cable or satellite service). There are only a select few shows I watch on the internet & your show is the first I watch. I know you have heard this a million, possibly a billion times, but thank you for your generosity & bringing light to those who are having dark days.
If I were to win the 12 days of Christmas, I would emulate your kind heart by sharing with my family, and those less fortunate. We have an organization called the 1UP Single Parent Resource Center. I had to access this non-profit group when my children were small & I think they could use many of the items you are giving away.
Take care, and All the Best.
Sincerely Sherry D Pitts