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Sherry Hayes
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About Me I am a struggling real estate agent in Flint (the #1 most dangerous city in the United States based on Population 100,000 to 499,000) - kind of self-explanatory there! I try to stay away from the inner city of Flint but I do show houses and take my pepper spray with me (like that will help me dodge a bullet!) I just celebrated my 31st Wedding anniversary on May 1st and we (can't forget my husband had a little something to do with this) have 3 wonderful adult children, a son and two daughters (one daughter is married so I also have a excellent son-in-law as well). No grandkids yet (don't my kids know I'm not getting any younger - I need grandkids before I need a new hip!) Love to travel however with the "struggling real estate agent" gig - it doesn't happen! Any who . . . I downloaded (and purchased) the "Heads Up" game that you played on your show and gosh darn . . . I get to the screen where it says "place on forehead" and it freezes. Now what? I have placed it everywhere on my body and still no action (funny - my husband complains about that too) Thanks for making my day brighter with your show!!
Sherry Hayes
Ellen's New Game, 'Heads Up!'
447 days ago


I downloaded the "Heads Up" game on my Iphone and it stays frozen on the "Place On Forehead" screen so I can't play the game. HELP!!

Sherry Hayes
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