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Sherry "C'jay" Haines
Name Sherry "C'jay" Haines
Location Redding, Ca
Age 44
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Hobbies Hugging trees, Having fun and acting silly to embarrass my 11 year old son, officiating weddings, handing out granola bars and water to the homeless, reading, artwork,
About Me I am a spunky, 43 year old, single mom, who just happens to have lupus. My 21 yr old son, Mawxwell, s stationed in Alaska with the Air Force and my 11 yr old, Kadyn, is is going into 7th grade and was accepted into the volunteer program for kids at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park this summer. I have researching my family history and found out that my mom's side is from Ireland not Scotland and my dad's side is from Russia not Germany. So I am saving money to go on a trip to Ireland. I have saved $611.00 over the past year. Woo hoo.
Sherry "C'jay" Haines
Rebel Backstage: The Tour is On!
400 days ago

You rock Rebel!