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Sherry Allison
Name Sherry Allison
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Hobbies Face Book, Bible Study, Journaling and volunteer SAV-A-LIFE MINISTRIES.
About Me I've been married 37 yrs. I have two grown children a sister and brother and my parents, who are wonderful and healthy(a great blessing). My volunteer work is very important part of my life. Though I'm not an advocate of homosexuality I am not here to judge anyone. I enjoy Ellen as she makes me laugh and I enjoy her dancing, lol!!! People need to get past the choices others make in their lives as long as it is not a danger to others. I do not know Ellen's spiritual beliefs in God but I am a born again Christian and God is the most important person in my life. It is through HIM that I have become who I am. I love doing for others and friendships with others who may have physical problems and need someone to listen and to help any way I can! I just lost my dearest friend to colon cancer in July but she and I were there for each other. She was as much there for me as I was for her until the very end. She is in Heaven with our Heavenly Father. My prayer is that all of those who are a part of the Ellen Show have a relationship with Jesus Christ. The title of this was "About Me" Jesus is what my life is all about, my life is not perfect but Jesus walks me through! God Bless you Ellen and staff!
Sherry Allison
Who's the New 'X-Factor' Host?
245 days ago

My comment is about the advertisement for Ellen on the side bar on my screen! Why do you continue to advertise Ellen looking terrible and talking about some dreaded secret? Everyone knows she is gay, and when I click on that advertisement it has nothing to do with any secret. I say put her on an advertisement looking nice as she does on her shows.
Stop making her look like she is something bad, she is an entertainer and I find her funny and happy!