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591 days ago

Ellen i could really use your help with Christmas i haven't worked sense oct7th if you could help

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594 days ago

dear Ellen
i watch your show all the time i think what you do for people is great,well this year is bad for me i lost my mom in august of this year then in October i had a back problem well i have 6 dics that are messed up and now they are treating me for as after the 29 of this month i will no longer have a job because im unable to work and now i don't know if i can a ford to see the doctor or meds i have never asked anyone for help i would love to give my 7 grand kids a Christmas this year but with me not working i don't have to money if you could help we i would be so great full im sure they are people out their that needs it more at least i have a place to live thanks for everything you do for everyone you are a great person thank god for people like you and Merry Christmas i hope all gos well for you sherry

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595 days ago

i just want to be able to give my family and grand kids a Christmas
and not to lose my car have not been able to work sense 10-7 th of this year no Christmas at my house it looks like unless they aprove my long term disbelity so good luck and Merry Christmas to everyone

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597 days ago

i watch your show all the time i love what you do
i lost my mom in aug of this year the money that was left from her life insurance,we gave to her church ,to continue what she loved to do feed people if some one need food her church would make sure that had something to eat they decided to call their kitchen ,grandmas kitchen in memories of my mom,and now i haven't worked scene oct7th do to my back ,i have always helped when i was some one in need well this year i just want to give my grand kids a Christmas,i dont want anyone to know that im asking for help because i have always help ppl if you could help me it would be nice if some one needs it more than help them i will find a way and many thanks from everyone for every thing you do