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Sherrie Cogburn
Name Sherrie Cogburn
Location wichita, ks.
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Hobbies photography,scrapbooking,football,gardening,and fishing. The outdoors- hiking- and site seeingthis beautiful world. Museums and art. Thrift shopping.
About Me nothing special- just grandma- love Ellen- dance like her lol my children even say so! Love life, and enjoy discovering new things!!! Technology is harder to keep up with, but have to know what grandkids are doing. Sometimes i have to ask them to rescue me. lol all want ipads for Christmas! I have new neice for which I'm thankful. I have a fantastic sister Brenda who rocks! While in hospice, she flew out to be by my bedside. I have recovered, and spent 2 weeks in Tucson visiting her this summer. My bucket list still includes a week in Chicago and rv roadtrip with grandkids. Christmas in Disneyworld is on top of the list. At 61, i am more of a kid now. I have no intention of stopping. Life can be too much fun. Even with all of the tragedies of life- life is good! I now have a friend in California fighting lung cancer. My Christmas wish is that she recovers in the coming months...