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The Amazing Heroes of a Lucky Dog
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I love these kind of stories, and love to witness Ellen's generosity and the look of sheer joy and surprise when she gives people amazing gifts! Living in the greater Boston area, it's been in the news that due to a Massachusetts law, the firefighters are not allowed to accept Ellen's gift of a cruise as it is worth more than $50. Of course the firefighters aren't doing their job in hopes of fame and fortune, but it must still be a letdown to have to return such an amazing gift. In the Boston Globe this morning, it was reported that the Wellesley Fire Department is working with public officials to flood the high school's basketball court on Friday to turn it into a safe and free public ice skating (and squirrel chasing?) option. I was thinking it would be "cool" if instead of the cruise gift to individuals, Ellen could help them pull off this feat, or simply donate to "The Fund for Wellesley" or even the Boston area "One Fund" as a way to still honor these great guys for the dangerous situations they face on a daily basis. Thanks, Ellen!