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Name Shenea
Location Carrollton, GA
Age 24
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Hobbies I enjoy watching people and talking about them in my journal. I love art and I try to paint or draw often. Is drinking coffee a hobby, because I do that a lot.
About Me I currently work at a nail salon as the receptionist. I get free Vietnamese food everyday along with misunderstanding my coworkers on the daily. I was a live-in nanny for the longest time and I can tell you, that's an adventure and also the most daring thing that can be done. I enjoy traveling if it's free and I'm not being chased by some kind of animal or person. I enjoy trying new restaurants as long as my food is dead and not moving around on my plate or looking at me. I have a boyfriend and he's pretty awesome... he can cook so that saves me a lot of trouble. I think I'll keep him around for a while.
Dennis Quaid is Getting a Manicure!
674 days ago

This made my day because I was watching this at the nail salon I work at. My coworkers are all Vietnamese and they also thought it was hilarious. Although I'm not sure what they thought for sure because I couldn't understand them but non the less the irony in that situation was hilarious.