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Name Shemsa
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Hobbies Listening to Justin Bieber, Watching The Ellen Show, Dancing???
About Me Just an ??average?? 12 year old girl living on Justin Bieber's music wishing that I could meet him someday and randomly quoting lines from his songs... so yeah, pretty normal.
Justin Bieber
507 days ago

Ellen, I live in the UK and I watch every clip you post on YouTube after school. I'm 12 years old (going onto 13 in April) and you inspire me so much to get the goal I have set for myself! I have a massive bucket list (mainly about Justin Bieber) and I know that I'll achieve it in time. Basically, I wanna say thank you for everything you've done, seeing you help people makes me feel so happy for an unknown reason. As you've probably realised, I'm a PROUD BELIEBER and have been ever since I was 10 but I've never been to any of his concerts. To be honest, I've let alone never been to any kind of concert but you know, I'm happy that I'm in the century where Twitter exists! I wish I could meet you one day cause I have a ton of game ideas and I also wanna meet Justin and randomly challenge him to an arm wrestle... as you do! (Don't ask why) :D Hope you read this...