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Shelly Masden
Message from Ellen
452 days ago

LOVED the Diane Keaton episode...Hilarious! Man, I want some of that wine....& how can I get some tantric sex? LOL. I don't turn on my TV until 3:00 every day only to see your show (well..I'm lying...sometimes Steve Harvey). I don't get to see every show, but a lot of them! I love it when you show little kids talents too! I check out your website & if there's someone I absolutely love, I will put a reminder on my phone...Gotta see Cher & Michael Buble this week! Keep on keepin on...YOU ARE HILARIOUS & SUCH A KIND HEARTED dance good too. Gotta say I don't understand your infatuation with Dennis Quaid...but to each their own. Anyway, LOVE your show...look forward to it to get my laugh on!


Shelly Masden
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482 days ago

PLEEEEEESE pick me :))