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Shelley Jones
Name Shelley Jones
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Hobbies Scrapbookking Animals - all (have 2 cats) Love to go to the movies Travel to other countries
About Me A very caring and giving individual. I prefer to give instead of receive. Love animals and wish to go on an africian safari on my bucket list. Love people who care about others like you quote "Be Kind to One Another" I have a big heart and love to laugh which is why I love your show.
Shelley Jones
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597 days ago

Ellen, I admire you for helping the 2 best friends. It was such an amazing thing you did for them or should I say continue to do for them by giving them the last 6 days of give-aways. Your just amazing!!!!!!!!!

Shelley Jones
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604 days ago

Ellen,I wanted to thank you for you comment at the end of your shows "Be kind to one another! That says so much about your big heart.