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Name shella
Location chicago, il
Age 27
Joined 597 days ago
Hobbies readind,sleeping,cooking,dancing,singing
About Me i am a female form Cameroon in Africa.I am God fearing and i have a new baby girl 7months old.i love Ellen and her show
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587 days ago

HI Ellen i will like to start by saying i love u/show and thank u for all the good work u are doing to people.i have been writing but have not had any call from i siad let me write u one more time to see if i can be lucky this time around.I really need help for my mother, she is not her she is in Cameroon in Africa.She has been a widow now for about 25years and she has really been on and off from one illness to the other and she has asthma which she has suffered for so long now.i can't have peace when i know she is not fine and there is nothing i can do to help.if only i can do some thing for her then i will be happy.some times she does not even have money for her spray.Please help me Ellen i know u have a good heart.Thank u.

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590 days ago

Hi Ellen ur show today was great especially with Justin B on the show.Ellen i am discourage because i have not been choosen like a winner yet and it is making me sick because i thought by now i should have been called.Please try and pick even one person like me from Chicago.As i told u i will like to go to school but i don't have money please don't let my dreams pass me by.

Message from Ellen
590 days ago

Hi Ellen i will start by wishing u a merry xmas.i have been participating inother to win the 12 day give away but it turns out that am not lucky this time around but i will still continue to love u and wash ur show

Howie Mandel, Day 8 of 12 Days!
595 days ago

Ellen ur dressing today was good

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596 days ago

Ur show today was great as always.i love ur smile and the last words u always us at the end of the show be kind to one another.

Fergie and Day 6 of 12 Days!
597 days ago

Hi Ellen God bless u for your generousity.I am a big fan of yours.i watch your show every day.When i see what u give people i just cry because i can't get it and i really need them.