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Sheliah Hipps
Name Sheliah Hipps
Location Swannanoa, N.C.
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Hobbies I have a motorcycle I love to ride I will ride it again when I get two new tires for it!!!
About Me I am a 52 year old Mother of 2 I looove my children, I would love to get our lives stable they just lost their Dad I live next door to their Dad and took care of him he was a Vietnam Veteran he just died Nov. 1st last year. I'm trying to help them hold onto the property he left them, there's a high mortgage on it from him always getting our son out of jail, (me telling him not to) My daughter is real responsible and she had to ride a bus here 36 hours to get here after he died, she and I are trying to hang onto the property. Her Dad never went outside so I always made his runs for him beer run grocerie run cigerette run you name it we miss him!!
Sheliah Hipps
An Amazing Puppy Rescue
480 days ago

I would seriously like to torture whoever did this to this dog the exact same way they did him stick them in the there, to die. That makes me sooo angry who could be so mean, there were some people I think a couple also who found a man like that had been lost for a WEEK!!!! There is no telling how long that dog had been there. These people are Heroes!!! Love em!!

Sheliah Hipps
Quote of the Day: Too Cold
483 days ago

Beautiful blue eyes, piercing blue eyes.

Sheliah Hipps
Is It Time for Ellen to Change Your Life?
492 days ago

All these people sound worse than me guess I'm doing preetty good I was just going to see if I could just Borrow have a loan (no bank will let me because I am poor)to get a van any vehicle really I wanted to start my own business to get off welfare I got laid off July 26th 2012 and havent got a job yet I Get $125 a week unemployment you really cant find work without a vehicle and I have this really good idea I can deliver groceries prescriptions take out pick u up to take you to take your pet to the vet there is nothing around here like that in this little town of Swannanoa N.C. I think it would go over real good and I could get off welfare I notice she has given lots of people cars SWEEEET!!!!