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Shelby Woody
A New Car for a Single Mom
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I am a single mother to my son Elijah and he is 5 years old and he goes to the school Imagine whoch is in Tempe, Az. I am a fulltime student at Rio Salado community college and I am doing it online but I recently moved to Phoenix in Sept and I was in a car accident which damaged my car and my neck all the way down my entire back. I was seeing a chiropractor which he did pressure point therapy in which was not working. Then my lawyers assigned me to him because they were waiting for the police report and because the man didn't have insurance they told me not togo to my doctors and that they could not help me anymore. What was really messed up they told me not to work so I didn't have the money for my rent and my car started to act real funny and in thos month of november my car is broke down. I have neuropathy in both feet and my whole right arm and mild carple tunnel in my left hand and my whole back and neck from the accident which was not my fault because I was rear ened in a high speed chase through phoenix and tempe and I want to sue the city for not catching him nefore hitting me so if u could help me with a car that actually works and doesn't break down all time. I am 29 and an african American that is having a hard time finding a job now because of the accident,I trying to finish school, put my son through the best school possible, I have had to sell everything to pay my rent, I dont think we will be having a Xmas either because I am having a hard time finding a part time job. I want to finish school and get a good job to support my son but having to walk everywhere with neuropathy in my feet I want to collapse sometimes because its so hard to walk I mean I have had three surgeries on my right knee and git s blood clot in my right knee that killed me and chandler regional hospital saved my life. Please being a single mother is extremely hard with not a lot of resources. If you can help it will really be important to me and my son.