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Just for information's sake, earwigs will crawl into your ears. My husband was sleeping, and he woke up telling me his ear hurt. We put some wax softening drops in his ear, and an earwig crawled right out. Scared the bejeebers out of me! He knew it was something crawling in there because he could feel it, but he didn't want to totally freak me out. So, Ellen, yes, earwigs can and do crawl into people's ears.

Shelbi Morales
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I would like to nominate my mother as a person in need. About 7 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought that and after surgery, radiation, chemo, and 5 years of pills, we thought she was well on her way to freedom from cancer. About 2 months after going off of the "cancer" pills, her back started hurting. The way that it was sore caused all of her doctors to believe that it was muscle related, and t was treated as that. My mother and my father then went to Palm Desert and Las Vegas for a Thanksgiving holiday. My mom was in so much pain that on their way home, she made my dad turn around and take her to the hospital in Las Vegas. At the hospital, they found a tumor on her spine that had actually fractured her spine. The hospital let her leave (with her signing that she knew the possible consequences), and she immediately went to her doctors. The morning she had her MRI (December 6, 2010) was the day she ended up in the hospital for 24 days. She ended up having the tumor removed (as much as possible...She still has cancer in her spine, and it will never be gone). My mom now has 13 vertebrae fused together in her spine. She spent Christmas in the hospital, and she was finally released on New Year's Eve. She had to use a walker and wore a full neck and back brace for almost 9 months. On January 26, 2011, my father ended up in the emergency room. He had some issues with his liver (not due to alcohol as my father rarely drank at all...and none after the diagnosis), and they were told that if he ever vomited that he had to go to the ER immediately. He had bleeding in his esophagus, and even with the fixes to the veins, it was too late. My mother, brother, and I had to make the decision to take my father off of the machines on January 31, 2011. He passed away within 5 minutes of being taken off of the machines. So, here is my mother, 70 years old, in a brace and a walker, and she lost her partner of 46 years. Yes, my brother lives with her which is a blessing, but there were things that none of us realized were out there. My dad left a business loan of over $100,000 that my mother has no way of paying. It is in the process of going to collections at the moment. The house definitely needs some upgrades. The majority of the interior of the house hasn't been updated since 1988. Yes, my mother can get along with the basics with some help from my brother and his girlfriend, but upgrading anything takes long thought, and the figuring out as to how to accomplish it. Which credit card do we use, etc... I think my mother is super deserving of something. She is a strong woman who hates to ask for help. She hates to let people know that she is suffering. She thinks that she is a burden on us, and she isn't. She is my mother, and the strongest person I know. I think that there are a lot of people that would have completely given up after January of 2011, but my mother hasn't. She still attends Tai Chi twice a week and a balance class once a week (Senior Center...It's free. :)). I know that she might not be completely destitute, but she deserves to be recognized...If not anything more than tickets to your show. She tried to get tickets to your 12 Days of Christmas. She is a survivor of breast cancer...and now, she is working her darndest to "survive" this bone cancer and live her life to the fullest. Thanks, Ellen...An extremely loving daughter!