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Hobbies Giving facials, creating organic facial masks. Motivating people
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Message from Ellen
494 days ago

HI Elle!!!nnnnn.,

I am bummed cause I couldnt upload my talented baby brother's music videos on youtube, on your rcording artist page .... so it wouldnt let me send. Thanku for being personable. Please look at my families videos ... the first one is Save Amos please type that in, and the youngest one is Markus Smith his you tube video is under Young glorious, Everything will change is Markus's video. I hope you like them and I hope u find my fam talented. I do have love for u Ellen!!! Stay in the light!!!!!!!

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499 days ago

Ellen!!!!!!!!!!! Congradulations on being you!!!!! I look fwd to watching your ittersweet show everyday!!! watching you change deserving peoples lives just helps continue to move me in the right direction to continue to give and thiink HIGH!