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Alison Sweeney, Allen Stone
571 days ago

after reading some of these stories i feel so fortunate to have what little i do have my problems seem so minor in comparrison. to me they are trmendous but others seem so less fortunate hope someone worhty of your good deeds won your gifts you are an awesome person and i hope no one tkaes advantage of your kindness ...

The One and Only Rihanna!
572 days ago

just entering one more time to try and win the 12 days gifts i do not need all of them just some to help fix my home and car will share what i dont need with onther life is hard right now and i am a one income home things are tough but not impossible we are poor but not homeless or hungry we may have leaks and do not eat what we want but what we can afford it would be awesome for Ellen to change my life or just a little part of it will keep watching and praying if not here maybe the pch sweepstakes never had any luck before hoping for a change in the new year

It's a Bonus 12 Days Giveaway!
573 days ago

if im not chosen to win could you make me a charity case.. im serious my home is falling apart around me literaly we borrowed against my 401k to build and didnt have enough to finish now the rood is leaking horribly and the wrap around the outside is worn and falling off the electric in the trailer is non working we use drop cords everywhere my car is broken my sons truck is broken but driveable we buy 90 percent of our groceries from the reduced bins at the stores i am a single income family at 12 bucks an hour in this economy and it is very hard to make ends meet 40 a week for insurance my husband is disabeled but is 1200 dollars short of his work credits so his ssi is based on my income which they say is enough to live on he got a chck for 39 dollars no joke!!! last month because i was lucky enough to get overtime we got nothing life is tough these days my daughter is getting married and has to use her income tax to pay for it because we can not help her. just reaching out needing some help thanks for letting me vent and enter love your show and your giving ways even if i do not win...