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shayleen harrison
Name shayleen harrison
Age 22
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Hobbies cooking, modeling, being a mommy, just about anything that's fun and eventful
About Me Im Shay. im a 21 year old mommy to a little girl named kawailani. I moved from Alaska to Hawaii about 4 years ago to go to school in Maui for culinary arts one day I hope to open a bakery up in Alaska after my family and I can move back up there
shayleen harrison
Win All the Prizes from Day 6 of 12 Days!
586 days ago

I would be so blessed to win all these things I could have more presents to put under my family tree. I also love the vitamix blender, the first time I saw one I was standing in Costco. I was christmas shopping, but when I saw the price I knew there was no possible way that would fit my budget with all the christmas shopping that had to be done, and being a young mommy as well. I'm in love with cooking and baking. I stood there while the vitamix guy showed me just what that blender could do. I was so amazed I requested for him to make a hot soups all the way to banana ice-cream. I was amazed if theres any chance I could win it would really complete my christmas iv gotten everything my family has wanted and this one thing would really just put the cherry on top. Its been a rough year but I have to say thank you Ellen for all the wonderful things you do you are a idol of mine and one day I hope I can make it to a show of yours after my new family has settle down. I watch your show everyday. I'm blessed and thankful there are people like you in this world helping other people changing there lives forever in wonderful ways. -Shay