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Shawndria Williams
Name Shawndria Williams
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About Me I am a 37yr old single parent of 2. Enjoy listening to music, going to the movies, going to dinner, and shopping.
Shawndria Williams
Do You Love Pop Music?
610 days ago

Hello Ellen, my name is Shawndria Williams I am 37yrs old and I am a huge Huge fan of Usher. I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!!! I have every CD he has came out with. I always been a fan ever since he was 14. I would do anything to meet him. I have tried to win tickets to see him on many occassions but never succeeded. My family thinks i'm crazy and so do my facebook friends because I believe that Usher is really my friend on facebook but they say that its a fake page, I don't think so. Every picture or status that comes up I like it and they hates it. I even got deleted from some friends because they say that they are tired of seeing everything Usher. I was so excited when I delivered my baby because she came oct 14,and thats Ushers birthday. I even gave a big shout out to him on facebook for his birthday. I would really appreciate if you would give me the opportunity to please meet him. I love his style, the way he dress, and the way he sings. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Ellen can you make this happen and I promise you I will never bother you again. I really Love Him!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You In Advance.

Shawndria Williams
You Write, Ellen Responds!
616 days ago

Hello Ellen, first I want to start off by saying I LOVE YOUR SHOW! My name is Shawndria Williams and I am a 37yr old single parent of a 11yr old son and 6yr old daughter. I have been laid off of work now for 6months and it is very hard and fustrating for me and now its affecting my kids especially my 11yr old. He is now in middle school, a huge fan of usher and wants to dress like him. With the budget that I am on, I can not not afford it. I only recieve unemployment and its really not enough. My daughter is into electronics heavily to be 6yrs old. I tried to explain to them that I can not give them the Christmas that they want so can they please make a little list and I will try my best. Well my son said just a kindle fire and some clothes, my daughter said well mommy I understand and I don't want any dolls this year because I know they are expensive so I just want a kindle fire, Ipod touch, and some clothes, I was like well you can probably get some dolls and how about a Ipod touch when mommy gets a job. She wasn't buying it, she thinks dolls are expensive and electronics are not, Lol. I just want to be able to get them something and at this point I don't think I will be able to. I'm backed up in bills, car about to be repo, and I'm trying to make ends meet. This is really a struggle for me right now. I never thought in a million years that I would be unemployed. I really would appreciate if you would take the time out to please help my kids have a nice christmas. Thank You in advance. Shawndria