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Shawna Jenny
Name Shawna Jenny
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Hobbies Traveling, cooking for my family, cross stitch, watching Ellen, gardening, crafts, dreaming of living and working somewhere warmer than my beautiful country of Canada where I never have to wear shoes other than sandals
About Me I am a real softee. I love my family more than anything in the world. My children fill my heart so full that my eyes start spilling tears and my throat gets tight when I think about them. Can hardly wait for grandchildren. I am also very grateful for my three sisters who are my best friends. Unfortunately I have been out of work for a year. I am 55 years old now and not the most employable age. I dream of living somewhere warmer and starting my own business. Would love to be the owner of a bed and breakfast where I could cook and take care of a home that I could share with others. I'd love a garden so I could make my own jam and grow fresh veggies to feed my guests with. I would love to live in the country where my bed and breakfast home would be a perfect place for weddings and celebrations, where famous people would come. I also want to tend and raise bees because I am worried they are dying off and the world would stop without bees. Am I a dreamer or what?
Shawna Jenny
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533 days ago

I love watching Ellen give wonderful gifts to people. It makes me cry tears of joy.
I am very envious of Ellen giving things to all kinds of people, even a box of her underwear. I think that is a great gift.
If I could, I would be buying gifts for my family and friends all the time.
Christmas is 330 days away and I have already purchased and wrapped gifts for my three sons. The other day I bought socks for my daughter's and daughters in law's stockings. I am usually the last one to open any gifts given to me on Christmas day as I have so much fun watching my family open what I have given them.
For five years in a row my four grown children invited about 20 of their friends to our cabin and we would have a weekend of games, (a tournament as such). The last day I would give away about 100 gifts to all our participants and that was always the best part of the weekend for me. I just loved to see the looks when people peel away that paper.
The neighbours have complained we're too loud and now I can't have those parties anymore so the gift giving part is also finished. Sob!
So, if Ellen ever needs help presenting or picking gifts for her guests I'd love to help.
Have a wonderful day!!!
Shawna from Canada