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Name Shauna
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Hobbies Golf,Yoga,walk,read, watch hockey baseball and golf,only when I have a little time not very often)oh ya and vacation to warm places (but doesn't happen very often either, it's to expensive to go most place when you live in Alberta)I really don't like the cold or the snow here in Alberta
About Me My dream is to have a little place somewhere in the USA where we can go to for a few months out of the year when it gets really cold and bitter here every year. My husband has rhuematiod arthritis, he goes for intervenous infusions every month just so he can be mobile,I know this can't be good for the long term before it starts to affect the other organs in his body and creates more health problems, I know the cold weather does not help, but he never complains about anything. We have 3 children, 2 in post secondary school that we've tried to help out as much as we can, but they still need mostly student loans to get there education and they work as much as they can, which I know is not easy when your going to school full time. My daughter is so stressed I worry about her, but she never gives up. She's alot like her mom. My oldest son doesn't show his stress as much, he hides it more (probably not so good). Our youngest son is 12 an was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, which has been a very difficult life changing event. This is a life sustaining disability that is very expensive, it is like having another car or mortgage payment for the rest of your life. I worry about him all the time and hope that some day he has a wife and family but will never be able to get any life insurance because of this incurable disease. He loves playing and watching sports especially hockey and baseball and hopes to go to a MLB game someday and maybe meeting Jose Batista,, Brett Laury and Justin Morneau. This little boy pokes his finger about 8 - 10 times most days to test his blood glucose levels because he is so active, we even test him before we go to bed and at 3 a:m and sometimes have to feed him as he wouldn't make it till the morning, (then hope we can fall back asleep so that we can be awake to go to work the next day, the older you get the harder it is to go back to sleep whe you wake up in the middle of the night). We weigh all his food so he knows how much insulin he need to administer everytime he eats, we started with needles and he now have an insulin pump intervenously infused in to him 24/7 we need to change every 3 days (this he finds very painful, but if you asked him he would say it is fine) I pray every day they find a cure. I am so very proud of how this young man has been dealing with this disability and he never complains. Thank God for giving him the strength. (His mother just needs a little more, lol!)I am so incredibly proud of my kids and my husband as he is an amazing man also and deals with this calmly and his own rheumatoid arthritis. He works very hard and gives many volunteer hours to the community as head coach of my sons very busy hockey team, even when he is in pain he never shows it. We lost my mother-in-law just before our son was diagnosed who we were very close too. She is the only one that might have learned about his diability and offered to stay with him so my husband and I could get away sometimes, but now no one will stay with him as they are afraid and don't know what to do with him. (Oh well I would probably just worry anyway)God Bless my family and you as well for making me smile :-) Shauna Ridd
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Hi Ellen, I wrote my comment to you yesterday about my family and my 12 yr old son with Type 1 Diabetes. What I didn't tell you was that he has a big heart too. Last year he used some of his Xmas money to buy a goat for the needy families in Tanzanian through Plan Canada's Give a Gift of Hope. He also suggested this year that instead of doing our little gift exchange at the family gathering we donate the money a buy more Gifts of Hope for the less fortunate. I had done this previously in our family and it is such a rewarding gift to me. What a great feeling. Just want you to know how special I think my family is.

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Hi Ellen , LOVE your show. I'm just wondering if any Canadians every win the 12 Days of Christmas (or anything else). I enter everyday but I never see a Canadian on your list of winners. Canada loves you too!! Thank you for being you.