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Sharon Youngblood
Name Sharon Youngblood
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Hobbies cooking, trying to create and pretty balcony, watching tv
About Me Hi Ellen my name is Sharon I have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. I am raising 3 of my grandchildren. In September of 2006 we lost my youngestdaughter to melonnoma cancer. I promised her that I would keep her 4 children and raise them. The following year the oldest went to live with her father so I have the 3 youngest ones. it hasn't been easy let me tell you but I would do it again for my baby girl. The oldest granddaughtert that is living with me is is now 17 and will be a senior in school, My grandson will be in 11th grade he 16. The baby girl just turned 13 what a age. But they all are my darlings. We all watch you every day. You bring laughter in our home, if I'm haveing a sad day all I have to do is watch your show and you bring a smile on my face . I love you Ellen.
Sharon Youngblood
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446 days ago

I just loved when you surpised Kellie Pickler. Clint Eastwood is also my favorite actor. I think Kellie surprised Mr. Eastwood as well. Love you Ellen Sharon