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Hi Ellen I wanted to write and say that my parents are so kind. For about 14 years I had a very big drug problem within the last yr and a half I have been clean. My parents Sue and Dave have NEVER left my side with all the insanity that comes with have a drug addicted daughter. Recently I have found an amazing man and became pregnant. My fathers mother doesn't agree with the man I'm with and said some very hateful words about me to my father. My father totally disagreed with her and quit his job, which is the family business that he has been at for 40 yrs. my parents have always done kind things for me even though for so many years I was self-centered and manipulated them. The most recently thing they have done is offer to put a down payment on a house for me and my boyfriend because we are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment for us and... Oh did I mention I'm having twins. my parents could have walked away from me years ago but they didn't. I couldn't ask for better parents. All I'm asking from you is to read this and thank them for being so loving and caring towards me. Thank you. Sharon