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Sharon Owens
Name Sharon Owens
Location Augusta, GA
Age 52
Joined 592 days ago
Hobbies Reading, Movies, my daughter, my two four legged babies(dogs).
About Me I love my Family. I enjoy visiting a war veterans nursing home in our town. Love hearing the vets stories and just being there to support them! I am there everyday! I was sitting with one. Please visit these loving folks in nursing homes and hospitals!!
Sharon Owens
Message from Ellen
570 days ago

I hope I sent my confirm to you correctly. Thank you! Love the Ellen Show!

Sharon Owens
Message from Ellen
572 days ago

I love your show Ellen!!!!!! I would love to win the prizes! I will share with my family who mean the whole to me. Please Oh Please let it be me!

Sharon Owens
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592 days ago

I would love to win your contest. Been a rough three years taking care of my godfather. He lost a leg in Dec 2009. Lost the other leg in 2011. He has decided to stay in a War Veterans nursing home so.....I'm losing my $300 a month pay and a place to live and a car to drive. I love going to the Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home. I get so attached to the people there. To listen to their stories...How proud they are for serving their country. I lost a good buddy the other day there. He was the first vet I talked with once I had placed my godfather there. Breaks my heart to lose any. Visiting with them everyday is awesome! Now that I have been dismissed of my duties of going to see my godfather everyday I'm gonna miss those guys (and ladies). No job, home, car, or income makes for dreary holidays but...been there before. I'd love to win!!!!!! Then I can continue to visit the veterans. Remember your soldiers and veterans for the holidays!!!! Visit nursing homes--some never have anyone. It's a good feeling. Merry Christmas to All.