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sharon mootoo
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About Me I'm a single PROUD stay home mom.,of 7 wonderful CHILDREN.ages 24,22,19,18,10,8,6.... 4 girls and 3 boys...only the last 3 kids lives with me,but I took care of them all by myself.beside God,no one comes b4 them.and everytjing I give my kids came from mom n dad.they never knew dad forgot they bday,or christmas.they grew up loving dad...I'M A LOVING MOM,DAUGHTER,SISTER,AUNT,AND A FRIEND TO.MY KIDS MEANS THE WORLD TO ME.I TRULY WOULD LOVE TO TAKE ALL MY KIDS ON A CREWS.WE NEVER WENT ANYWHERE ALL AT THE SAME TIME.THAT'S MY DREAM.MY YOUNGEST HAS DOWN SYNDROME,SHE'S NEVER A PROBLEM,BUT EVERY BIT OF A HAND FULL.WE ALL LOVES HER DEARLY.
sharon mootoo
Wanda Sykes, Kevin Pollak
605 days ago

I'm so excited hope I win,would love to be no your show...You truly are the best,your show are funny at times, then you have such a great compassion for people.I just love your show...