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Sharon Marcheski
Name Sharon Marcheski
Joined 604 days ago
Hobbies The only hobbie I have is I collect horse pins and some I love lucy stuff
About Me I have been married for 15 years I have 5 kids 4 boys and 1 girl she is the middle child and 18 years old we watch your show together and love it and you
Sharon Marcheski
It's Nothing Day
491 days ago

Hi Ellen my birthday is today so I think today it is ok to do nothing on my birthday you always make my daughter and I laugh. you do so many good things for people and you are always kind to others that you dont even know.I was wondering if you ever make birthday wishes come true.I would truly love to see your show in person but if I only had 1 wish it would be to take my 9 and 10 year old boys to see Wrestlemania 29 April 7th in N.J. because we are from Ventnor city N.J. and that is like 2 miles from Atlantic city.So if you ever consider birthday wishes that would be mine.We love you and I thank you for being kind Sharon

Sharon Marcheski
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590 days ago

Hi Ellen me and my daughter watch you all the time we love you and how funny and kind you are. I have 5 children all together but only 3 live at home.Me and my husband struggle all the time living paycheck to paycheck.We live in Ventnor NJ we our selves did not loose any of our stuff do to hurricane sandy but we both loss time from work and now we are still trying to catch up trying to keep up with bills and rent.we would love love to win one of your 12days of giveaways so please consider us for this.I wrote you an email I guess about a week or so ago about my assistant manager that I work with he lives in Tuckerton which is about an hour from here he is the one that could really need some help rebuilding his house he had 2 feet of water in his house he had to take some time off to work on his house he really deserves something nice to happen for him so if you only wanted to choose one of us choose him. Thank you so much being there and making us laugh.