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Sharon L Evans
Name Sharon L Evans
Location indianapolis, indiana
Age 64
Joined 438 days ago
Hobbies Reading, Swimming, Walking
About Me Retired Social Security. I love animals. I have two yorkies. Biskit & Jazzie. I have a one grandson who just turned 9 weeks old. I have on daughter they are the light of my life.
Sharon L Evans
Where'd My Show Go?
431 days ago

Hi Ellen, I just can't get enough of you. I record your show, (I am sorry if I told you that previously) and also get on the computer every day to see what is new on your web page. I would do anything to come to see you. I would try a contest but I am not good at anything. But I sure do respect you for what you do! I love you and God Bless You!

Sharon Evans

Sharon L Evans
Just Cool It
438 days ago

I love You Ellen! I watch you every day on TV! I am 63 years old and on social security due to health issues, so I am unable to afford to fly out to see you. I never miss your show on TV and on the computer. I have always loved to dance and I actually get up with you and dance around my living room.

Thank you Ellen for making me happy and God Bless You!!!!