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Sharon Deschenes
Name Sharon Deschenes
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About Me There's really not much to say about myself. I had to quit working years back due to medical problems and injuries. My Husband also had to retire for the same reasons. Christmas was always my favorite holiday. I don't decorate like I use to because it's just not the same when your family is gone. Watching your show today, listening to Kelly sing and watching your Christmas Giveaways made today a little bit brighter. See you tomorrow. Thanks
Sharon Deschenes
It's Day 6 of 12 Days
225 days ago

Love your show. Can't believe all the great gifts being given away. I'm hoping watching your show will bring me some luck. I entered your giveaway and will see what happens.
Thanks for all the laughs. Makes my day a little better each day.

Sharon Deschenes
It's Day 2 of 12 Days!
231 days ago

Love the show today as always. Kelly was full of energy and is so extremely happy about her pregnancy. To bad about her morning sickness. Well today is my wedding anniversary 39 year's
together. We were suspose to go out to dinner and entertainment but I'm sitting here watching your show. The 12 Day's of Christmas Giveaways had really great useful gifts. See you tomorrow.