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sharon cook
Name sharon cook
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Hobbies I love to do crafts of any kind.And I love the outdoors
About Me I am now a widow at the age of 51,so sad, it is hard to get over the fact that after 26 years of marriage he is now gone.I had to put him in hospice on our anniversary,that is how we spent our last year of love.I have,6 grand children,and two dogs.I am very unhappy since my husbands death because it was so sudden,3 months of hell.He I hope is not suffering anymore,he didnt deserve it.
sharon cook
Watch 'Bully' Trailer and Sign the Petition
228 days ago

Hi Ellen,Let me first say that you are brave standing up for those that cant stand up for themselves, not that they cant,its just that many people do not understand. I as a young lady in seventh grade was always bullied because I was skinny, so what so I was a skinny person, also that I had no breasts. that is nature and I could do nothing about it. I would walk home crying trying to understand why such people have there nerve to upset me so. So everyday I went to school the same words would be said. I still never get over this and I am 51 yrs. old,and it still hurts.I now have a niece that is bullied because she is a diabetic and cant get over her first love,she is only 16.This age is to young for these children to ruin there lives.She will slit her wrists as a form of attention,I would guess.Bulling must stop,so these children can live a life of happiness,before its to late.God Bless you for helping serve a real purpose in a childs life.