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Sharon Belka-Healy
Name Sharon Belka-Healy
Location Palmetto, Florida
Age 67
Joined 226 days ago
Hobbies Reading, watching your show, game shows and playing with my dog and being with my husband
About Me I am a quadriplegic since birth. Taught school for 35yrs. and had a dream of getting married. Two years ago that dream came true.
Sharon Belka-Healy
Message from Ellen
59 days ago

I am a quadriplegic and my husband has hearing problems. We are very happy but my husband takes care of me by himself. I would like to do something special for him. we watch your show as often as we can and you make us laugh and we sometimes dance in my wheelchair. Even if you could give him Ellen underwear it would make him happy. We may not have a lot of money but we are rich in love. Thanks for lighting up our life,you are a special person.

Sharon Belka-Healy
Win Tickets to 12 Days!
215 days ago

I am so proud to see someone as generous as you Ellen.your heart must be really hard to contain in your body. My biggest wish was to have the resources to do for others as they have done for me. As I have said before I am a quadriplegic and need complete care for my physical needs and it would complete my life goal to do back before I die. If I can't win the twelve days of Christmas I would at least like to give my loving husband some Ellen underwear for Christmas. I know that there are people who have greater needs but my husband is special and he takes care of me all on his own. Thank you for being a wonderful person and giving us the joy of your show. Sharon Belka-Healy

Sharon Belka-Healy
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219 days ago

Can't believe it is almost Christmas. You are the most generous person I know. I would love to be able to give back to all the people who have taken care of me. I have cerebral palsy and have been in a wheelchair all my life but I only feel bad about being a burden to other people.
You show makes me happy and want to dance.
Love your guests and games but most of all your kind heart.
Happy holidays, Sharon Belka-Healy

Sharon Belka-Healy
It's Day 7 of 12 Days!
221 days ago

Ellen you are so kind and loved. You make people just plane feel good and life looks better after seeing your show. When you dance I can feel in my mine what if feels like to dance as I am a quadriplegic and have never walked let alone dance. I would like to win your give away so I can do for others who have done for me. Thanks for what you do, Sharon Belka-Healy

Sharon Belka-Healy
Win Tickets to 12 Days!
226 days ago

I have written before but would like so very much to win tickets to your Christmas give away. I am a quadriplegic and two years ago
I had a dream come true. I was married to a wonderful man who has devoted his life to caring for me even though he is a diabetic and hard of hearing. We both live on our disability. Even though money is tight we have lots of love. We love watching your show and if nothing else could you please help me get him some Ellen underwear. Thanks for your time. Mrs. Healy