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Sharon Allen
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Ellen, just saw the segment with the woman from Birmingham, AL who needs a job. I have had some success turning people on to jobs in the merchandising field, and your guest looked to have "walking-around-sense", which is about all it takes to be a merchandiser. What is a merchandiser, you might know how you go into the same grocery store a hundred times, and everything's all in the same place, but then this one day you go in, and everything's turned upside down and you have to search for your desired items? Well, that's merchandising~~they move everything around so you can't find it in the store! Anyway, she can go to to get an idea, and I am prepared to give out my contact info to help her get started. Have a great day, Ellen, you deserve great and wonderful things, because you put out great and wonderful things!~~One of your loyal fans~~Sharon Allen~~Florence, AL.