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About Me I am a single mother all my life. I have raised two really great kids on NOTHING, they are now 22 and 19. I work all the time and there is no freebies in life, you have to work for them. Lucky is the guest that grabs your attention. I am just a viewer that loves your energy and great humor and has all your books. Oh, and a Texan that is voting Obama all the way!!!
Exclusive! Ellen Meets a Cute Kid!
651 days ago

I LOVE you Ellen for bringing the light that has so been hidden in my life. Your show makes me so happy. When I see shows where you help families that DESERVE it I am all the way behind you. But this latest family today, that has a husband waiter, and stay at home mom that can get a job but decided to add to the family another baby, is beyond me.Why should she not get a job to help the family? I work in a field where every adult has to work in order to get financial help. They should have known and planned their family around what their sincere income could support. However, you did a great thing helping them. I do not dislike these people they seem very sweet. But is she planning on being a stay at home mom with a $4.00 husband forever? She needs child care and a job. Just sayin".