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Sharline Nabulime
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Hobbies My daughter, God, family, friends, people, Oprah, Ellen, food, Thai, Persian, Sushi, coffee, news, books, movies, television, music, Boston Sports, art, theater, home improvement and life.
About Me Like our first Lady, I like being smart. I am driven and passionate about life and people. My goal is to use all the gifts and talents God has given me to touch and affect people's lives for the better. I love people. I once heard someone say that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Investigating what makes people tick, what interests them, fuels and affects them is my passion. And what better way to reach out to people than empowering them with the knowledge of not just what is going on around them but also what's happening around the world through broadcasting? My goal as a journalist is to be the highest rated broadcaster on the East Coast, until I go national of course. I have come to the realization that my life is not about me; it's about people. I'm a Christian and it is my relationship with God that fuels me to strive for success at everything I do. I'm inspired to leave this world better than I found it...I'm inspired to make a difference!
Sharline Nabulime
Ellen Visits Portia's Grammar School
470 days ago

All jokes aside, what you and Portia did is something those students will never forget. Yes, you pranked them, appeared in their math text and had a different formula for science but that song at the end of your visit will mark them for life. They are the future indeed! Thank you for giving them a sense of pride...thank you for taking time out to show them that you are the real Ellen, (lol) and that no one has the ability to make them feel bad. ps. I loved that Portia wore her old school uniform.

Sharline Nabulime
Quotes of the Week
608 days ago

These two remind me of me when I was little. I was precocious and fearless. I once told my aunt, That color doesn't look especially flattering on you." In my Ugandan culture, I was punished for speaking truth to an adult. So, I am extremely glad that Sophia Grace & Rosie are allowed to be themselves. Here's hoping their parents always keep them grounded. And I'm glad they have an auntie in Ellen. Keep shinning girls!!!