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Sharlene Newman
Name Sharlene Newman
Location Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Age 33
Joined 231 days ago
Hobbies Registered Breeder Photographer spending time with family and my pets.
About Me Love my family and my pets more then anything, I am a photographer and I love to capture those moments we often forget. I'm a registered sphynx and elf cat breeder, I love what I do more then anything. I am also a labor and support person for woman during child birth.
Sharlene Newman
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231 days ago

Hi Ellen, My name is Sharlene Newman from Alberta Canada, I love your love of cats and all animals, I'm a photographer and a registered breeder of the Sphynx and the Elf cat,I thought you might appreciate a couple of my photos, but I can't figure out how to add them or send them. Love your show, love you.. no matter what kind of day your having watching your show brings a smile to my face.