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Shantel Zamor
Name Shantel Zamor
Location brooklyn, NY
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Hobbies I Like to Dance(not one of the greatest but it is one of my loves),Listen to Music, i like to write music also
About Me Im a Very sweet sensitive person. I always Cry When i Watch Ellen give away prizes to people it warms my heart. I LOVE ELLEN !!!!!!(I Can Become Real Mean though if someone angers me)I LOVE CHRIS BROWN,IM THE BIGGEST CHRIS BROWN FANATIC. I LOVE HIM FOR ALL THAT HE IS ( THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY I LOVE HIM I WILL PROBABLY BE TYPING ALL DAY LOL). Another thing is that i adore babies and children i believe that they are precious. I don't like when children and teens suffer( bullying, family issues, relationship issues etc..)it kills my heart i just want to help them in the future. The career that i want to focus on is maternity like a midwife. That's Basically ME :)
Shantel Zamor
Ellen Scares Miley Cyrus
280 days ago

This one gets me all the time "Oh My God, Oh My God "