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Shannon L Heinle
Name Shannon L Heinle
Location Garrison, North Dakota
Age 43
Joined 680 days ago
Hobbies Horseback riding, interior/exterior decorating, reading, surfing the net, dreaming of places I would like to visit or vacation at.
About Me I lost the love of my life in September, 2012. My worst fear came true. He was diabetic and I wasn't there for him when he hit a bad low and went into diabetic coma. He was alone and that bothers me so very much. My heart is broken. I know it will get easier with time, but for now, it hurts so much, I miss him so very much!! I am a cosmetologist, but unable to work due to health issues. I'm from a very small town in North Dakota, but I have lived in 3 other states, a couple different places in each. I have no children, unfortunately, but my 4 legged kidz, Matt, Abby, Babe (Australian Cattle dogs aka Blue Heelers), my 20lb cat, Melvin and my horse are now the reason for me to even get out of bed in the morning. They are my loves. I was raised in the country and country life is what I love best. I love to visit cities and experience new things. I love learning new things.