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Shannon L Heinle
Name Shannon L Heinle
Location Garrison, North Dakota
Age 43
Joined 682 days ago
Hobbies Horseback riding, interior/exterior decorating, reading, surfing the net, dreaming of places I would like to visit or vacation at.
About Me I lost the love of my life in September, 2012. My worst fear came true. He was diabetic and I wasn't there for him when he hit a bad low and went into diabetic coma. He was alone and that bothers me so very much. My heart is broken. I know it will get easier with time, but for now, it hurts so much, I miss him so very much!! I am a cosmetologist, but unable to work due to health issues. I'm from a very small town in North Dakota, but I have lived in 3 other states, a couple different places in each. I have no children, unfortunately, but my 4 legged kidz, Matt, Abby, Babe (Australian Cattle dogs aka Blue Heelers), my 20lb cat, Melvin and my horse are now the reason for me to even get out of bed in the morning. They are my loves. I was raised in the country and country life is what I love best. I love to visit cities and experience new things. I love learning new things.
Shannon L Heinle
Message from Ellen
313 days ago

Hey Ellen!! So glad you're back! You never left, but nice to see new shows!! Can hardly wait to see what new surprises you have in store for us this season! Love ya!!

Shannon L Heinle
L.A. Is So Cold!
557 days ago

Ellen, you come visit me here in North Dakota during these well below zero days and nights and THEN we will talk about COLD!...LOL So, suck it up woman! Why do you think I beg you for a vacation to get the H outa here for awhile during these miserale days! I am looking to move to a warmer climate. Do you need a caretaker for your farm? pets? Mama? All of your awards?...ok, I'm digging deep there. Love ya girl!! MUUAAAaahhhHHH

Shannon L Heinle
Message from Ellen
565 days ago

Happy New Year Ellen!! Wishes for the best for you, Portia, Mama and all of your family!!! HUGZZZ

Shannon L Heinle
Message from Ellen
572 days ago

Hi Ellen, How are you picking your newsletter winner? Do we have to sign up anywhere special? I hope it's me. I could use something positive to come out of the 2012. I lost the love of my life in September, my husband who was only 38. He had diabetes. If I had 3 wishes, one of them would be to cure that horrible disease. People don't realize just how difficult it is. Not only for the person who has it, but their family members who live with them and the worry that something will happen while they are alone. That was my worst fear that he would have a glucose crash and I wouldn't be there to save him. He died alone. I have prayed that he wasn't scared. My heart is so broken. They say people can die of a broken heart. I feel that way and some days I wish I would. I wanted to grow old with him. They say marry someone who is your best friend, who you can talk to and who makes you laugh. He was all of that and so much more.
I hope you, Portia and Mama had a very Merry Christmas and blessings of a Happy New Year!

Shannon L Heinle
Message from Ellen
601 days ago

Ellen, You have no idea how help so many, ME, get through struggles in life. I admire you for your compassion and passion you have for helping people, the causes you support and the laughter and hope you bring into our living rooms when we need it most. Thankyou Ellen! You truely are an angel!
Love ya!!
Shannon L Heinle (hine-lee)

Shannon L Heinle
Message From Ellen
677 days ago

I think that it's so awesome what Kelly Pickler did in support of her friend. What a true friend and compassionate woman she is. Can't wait to see all new Ellen next week!

Shannon L Heinle
Kate Hudson, Little Big Town and Sophia Grace & Rosie's Tea Time with Katy Perry! 
680 days ago

I LOVE Kate Hudson! She is one of my most favorite actress'. She always looks so cute or beautiful, depending on the event. I love her style!! She always has a cute funny story to tell too.

Shannon L Heinle
What Did P!nk Say?
682 days ago

She CLEARLY said "Shut the front door"! You cannot only HEAR it clearly, but you can read her lips clearly saying it! Wake up, PEOPLE!!