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Shannon Hachard
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Shannon Hachard
Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman, and Day 10 of 12 Days!
589 days ago

OMG I AM IN LOVE WITH JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!! HE IS LITERALLY MY WHOLE LIFE LIKE OMG! I have 50 posters of him in my room......don't believe me!? I'll show you!!! You don't understand how badly I wanna see him AND you of course!! I hope I can get tickets to your show on Friday........oh wait it's already sold out...alright we'll I STILL LOVE YOU!!!!! Ahhhh I'm crying right now you don't know how badly I wanna see him!!!!!! I would do ANYTHING to be able to go on your show! My mom loves you too!!!! K well I gtg hang up Christmas lights now....I LOVE YOU!