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'Naked and Afraid'
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I loved the bit Ellen did on Naked and Afraid. Hilarious. I was the female participant on the Belize episode which aired on April 6. For people who have survival skills, Naked and Afraid is an ultimate test of those skills. I know it sounds crazy, but the opportunity to do the challenge is the reward. If you think about the things you have worked the hardest for in your life, you will probably realized that the joy you experience around those things is some of the deepest elation you could experience. The show focuses on a few of the challenges that we face out there but it cannot convey the deep and subtle transformations that we experience as a result of our participation. My whole life after completing the challenge is Belize is infused with a deep confidence and the knowing that comes from understanding what it takes to survive on the most basic levels. Crazy thing to do, but I am incredibly proud of the accomplishment!... and I'm proud of the clothes I made out there using inner tree bark, they could be LA nightclub wear!