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Name Shannon
Location Lydenburg, South-Africa
Age 16
Joined 388 days ago
Hobbies Singing and being dramatic welll like in a acting way ;-)
About Me I like being differant . Not being someone else but my self
Miley Cyrus, and 'Twilight'!
388 days ago

Helo Ellen

Well my name is Shannon and i'm 16 well turning 16 in November and i'f been watching your show and i love it Xx

Well i always wanted to be a singer/actor sins i can remember and well i'd really like you to help me make my dream come true but i'm in SA and i'd really like to live in the USA with my family making my dream come true .

I don't like just sitting om my bed and not working on my future . I don't want to have one off day i wan't to be working SOO HARD on my new album and my next movie , not sitting and doing nothing but my dad doesn't have the money to take me to America to go and live there where would he work ?

My granny one's tolled me that she wanted to become a opera singer but they didn't have the money soo she prayed to God and asked Him to give her a grandchild that can sing and she thinks it could be me and i want to make her happy by achieving my dream Xx

Soo i'm asking you Elen please help me to achieve my dream Xx

Love always