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Shanna Ferro
Name Shanna Ferro
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Hobbies Love animals, cook gourmet, sing, paint, sculpt miniature desserts & roses from sculpy clay, anything creative! :-)
About Me I am 42 years old. Married to Tony Ferro III. We are Celebrating our 19yr anniversary December 17,2013 We have a handsome son, Drake Ferro 16/yrs old. I started making candles when I was pregnant with Drake. I am the owner of The Candle Cottage, est. 1998. I rescue birds & squirrels. We have a lil 9yr old teacup yorkie named Sugar Baby. Her hair is colored pink :-) & a squirrel named Bandit.
Shanna Ferro
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246 days ago

This is my rescue Kitty named Spirit. I have videos on my instagram of me singing to kitty. Spirit is such a lil lover. His momma was a wild cast and was ran over. Two young girl's were parked by my jeep at Wal-Mart trying to find him a home. Hello! Meee! Spirit is now our shop cat at my candle shop. His BFF's are Sugar Baby my 4lb 9 yr old teacup yorkie with pink hair & Bandit my rescue squirrel. One BIG happy family :-) :-) :-) :-) how do you attach pics & vids...I have tons :-)

I have a precious squirrel that is gaining fans. I believe everyone would fall in love with him. His name is Bandit. My cousins cat brought him in her house thru her doggy door. She thought at first it was a mouse. His eyes were still closed. She text me at 1am, and I responded "ON WAY NOW!" I drove 15min to meet her and I raised him the next few months. I made a pouch to wear around my neck and carry him around at my candle shop while I worked. He is free in our backyard on our two acres of land. He visits me every morning and evening before dark for pecans, lovn & playtime. Tonight I got home after dark. It has been cold outside 41° so I provided a heatlight in the open cage that I have his pouch hanging inside of...I took a chance to see if he was in his pouch and yes he was. Here is a picture I took. I have tons of pics from the start of raising him.  I've also figured out a way to record sweet lil messages in a chipmunk voice (helium app) from The Ferro Forest (our backyard)where I have been doing custom messages for children and even some adults have requested a message from Bandit talking to them. LOL!!! Bandit wants to make you a message Ellen, but I'm not sure how to post it. Heee heee giggle giggle (soundcloud)
Thanks You,
Shanna Ferro-A Candlemaker who loves to sing & Adores Animals!!!
The Animal Whisperer :-)

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