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shanmatie calderon
Name shanmatie calderon
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Hobbies Watching the Ellen Show, crocheting,movies,walking,cross-stitch
About Me I am a displaced, single Mom with 2 adult children. I am getting over an addiction and may need to go to a drug rehab next week. I have independent all my life until now--I am a very hard working individual but I believe that I have really hit my bottom--as I said I am penniless and homeless-no easier way to phrase my situation - Ellen
shanmatie calderon
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219 days ago

I have watched everyday your show almost everyday since you first aired. I do not have a sap story but being on your show for this celebration will be a dream come true not only for me but for my two beautiful children.....your genuine compassion to me is truly an inspiration - i simply adore you----love---shanmatie caldero