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Name Folashade
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Hobbies Traveling, cooking, watching TV
About Me i'm married to a lovely husband who has been serving the country for almost 12yrs now and we have a baby girl Michelle shes going to be one this month.
Message from Ellen
582 days ago

Hi Ellen,
How are you doing today, we are a huge fan of you and have been anticipating to be on your show most especially for the 12days giveaway. but i know all hope isn't lost as you've given us another opportunity to win all of the 12days giveaways. this will mean a lot to my family this season if we can have this and i know it is possible. thanks

Jessica Biel Stacks Her Packages!
599 days ago

Hi Ellen can I attend the 12days giveaway?

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611 days ago

Hi Ellen, my hubby and I will like to be on the 12 days giveaway show. We will like to be on the list. Thanks as we await our good news.

Message From Ellen
659 days ago

In life when you are given an opportunity like this its always good to make good use if it. Ellen we are a huge fan of you and we'll love to win a car. Thank you once again for this opportunity.