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My DEAR Ellen, Love u very much. I work till four PM and I live 10 to 15 minutes’ drive home from work, I just can’t wait to drive home and turn the TV on to watch you. I just can’t afford to record your show at these moments but do also watch it on line if I miss it. You make me forget about all the sadness and problems I have in my life, You might be an angle came as a human to make people happy. I really can’t think of any favorite moment seem like every single seconds of your show are my favorite when I watch you. If there is any I would say every time you have that funny laugh, the SOUND of your little laugh and that FUNNY smile on your face after you watch something funny, make fun of others and have fun with. It just cracks me up. Your sense of humor is just unexplainable. I really really love you very very much