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Sean Hayes (the "OTHER" Sean Hayes!)
Name Sean Hayes (the "OTHER" Sean Hayes!)
Location Montreal, QC
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Hobbies Hiking, jogging, travel, April Fool's jokes (Im unbeaten!, and good wine.
About Me Clinical Psychologist by training; now a consultant in health care improvement. Volunteer in a pet therapy program, and have rescued a number of dogs. Completely hooked onto the Ellen show - makes me smile (and sometimes tear up!) everyday.
Sean Hayes (the "OTHER" Sean Hayes!)
Sean Hayes, ‘American Idol’ Judges
301 days ago

Dear Ellen - if you could be so kind as to pass on my appreciation to your guest Sean Hayes- my legal namesake (I can forward a copy of my passport and birth certificate if needed). For years now when I travel for business, I have been upgraded to hotel suites, received large baskets of cheese and wine, and free restaurant and hotel services because upper management assumes I am THE Sean Hayes. I received one letter from the New York Essex hotel thanking me for my business, and appreciating my work on "Will and Grace" - which I duly replied "You're welcome!" and signed "Sean Hayes".
Your sincerely
Sean (M.) Hayes
Montreal, CANADA